What Are the Signs of a Serious Dental Problem?
August 1, 2022

Oral health is very important to maintain overall body health. The mouth is a window for the whole body and tissues inside mouth helps to detect many systemic issues like inflammation, diabetes.

The mouth contains millions of bacteria in which most of which are not harmful if oral hygiene is maintained properly. At our dental clinic in Udaipur, our expert dentist advises visiting the dental clinic twice a year for a regular dental check-up so that if any disease is associated it can be identified and treated.

Normal oral hygiene can be maintained by proper scaling and polishing twice a year if you don’t have any adverse habits which can be suggested by our expert dentists Dr. Siddharth Jain and Dr. Mahak Jain at our clinics in Udaipur.

Taking care of your dental health involves:

Brushing 2-3 times per day

Flossing once per day

Eating healthy, nutritious, wholesome foods

Limiting snacks and sugar

Replacing your toothbrush every 3-4 months

Visiting your dentist on a regular basis and performing routine cleanings and check-ups

Systemic diseases with oral signs and symptoms include:

Diabetes – Causes more frequent and severe gum disease because the body isn’t able to resist infection. 

Alzheimer’s disease – As Alzheimer’s disease worsens, oral health deteriorates.

Osteoporosis – Causes bone and tooth loss as a result of weakening and brittle bones, as well as treatment side effects.

Coeliac or Cohn’s Disease – May cause aphthous ulcers.

Blood disorders – These can lead to pale and/or gums susceptible to bleeding.

HIV/AIDS – These diseases cause mucosal lesions in the mouth.

Condition caused by Poor oral health:

Oral health involves more than just preventing bad breath.  Maintaining a healthy mouth also prevents tooth decay, gum disease, and tooth loss associated with aging.

The important balancing of bacteria in your mouth requires practicing good dental health. If you don’t practice proper oral care, your body is susceptible to a number of complications. We’ve listed some of the more common and serious health conditions below:

Gum diseases: Intra orally saliva fights bacteria and prevents them to spread any disease. But if oral hygiene is not maintained bacteria accumulate and form plaque, which gets deposited on the gums’ surface. Plaque deposition causes gingivitis and later if bone and tooth are also involved in the disease it may lead to periodontitis. All these diseases may cause you to lose your teeth.

Cardiovascular disease: Oral health and heart are very much related to each other and disturbance in oral health may lead to many cardiovascular diseases like stroke, clogged arteries, or even endocarditis.

Premature Birth: Your oral health can also have an effect on your pregnancy. Specifically, the second stage of gingivitis (periodontitis) is linked to complications at birth.  This is why it’s especially important to maintain proper dental health while pregnant. Otherwise, your risk of premature birth and low birth weight are significantly increased.

Risk Factors

When it comes to oral infection and disease, some individuals are at higher risk than others. The following factors put you at greater risk for complications from poor dental health:

Poor hygiene puts you at risk for periodontal disease, bacterial conditions, and inflammatory conditions

People in lower socioeconomic statuses are at a higher risk for oral infection and disease

If you consume alcohol in excess, you’re at a higher risk for oral cancer

If you smoke or chew tobacco there’s a greater chance of developing oral cancer and periodontal disease

Stress also has an impact on your oral health. People with high stress are more susceptible to periodontal disease.

So we advise you to visit our dental clinic in Madhuban or Sector 14, Udaipur for proper dental check-ups and treatments. Our dentists in Udaipur are committed to providing the best dental treatments to all patients.


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