5 Myths About Root Canal treatment

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Root Canal Treatment in Udaipur

Root Canal Treatment in Udaipur

The fact is that root canal treatments are intended to be beneficial rather than harmful, so don’t be scared if your dentist advises the procedure. This procedure removes gems from infected root canals, preventing future tooth infections.

When it comes to dental procedures, one, in particular, is riddled with myths. The Best Dentist in Udaipur dr. Siddharth jain removes any inflammatory or infected pulp from the root of the tooth, cleans and disinfects it, and then fills and closes it.  Although root canal treatment is required and useful for a variety of reasons, a few of these myths have made some patients frightened of this regular operation.

  1. You should get your tooth out instead.

Dentists promote the preservation of your natural teeth and tissues wherever feasible. Root canal treatment in Udaipur eliminates the need for needless extractions by eradicating all origins and effects of infection while preserving your complete and organic dental function. After your repaired tooth is capped with a cap, it is permanently preserved, eliminating the need for implantation or a bridge to replace an unnecessary pulled tooth.

  1. An extraction is superior to a root canal.

Although removal is less expensive and takes less time than a root canal, it is not considered preferable in the majority of situations. A well-performed root canal treatment in Udaipur by Dr. Siddharth Jain can help to extend the life of a restored tooth. After tooth extraction, the neighboring teeth may progressively move into the vacant space, producing bite alignment issues.

In addition, if a lower tooth is pulled, the opposing tooth will typically migrate downward owing to gravity. Although a misaligned jaw can cause discomfort. A root canal is also much less expensive than a dental implant. The best dentists in Udaipur at Mumbai Dental Clinic will thoroughly evaluate the patient’s particular circumstances to decide the best course of treatment.

  1. If your tooth is rotten, you may just disregard it.

A dying tooth’s nerve no longer receives blood flow. It can be caused by an accident, a traumatic event, or a major infection. This misconception is founded on the incorrect and hazardous belief that a decaying tooth serves as a static lump in your jaw. The fact is that it will decompose over time, releasing germs that may lead to serious infections in your mouth, jaw, bone, and gums.

  1. Root canals may make people ill

For a long time, there was misinformation concerning this. The notion that a root canal treatment might cause or make it easier to become ill is just false. There is no solid evidence linking root canal treatment to disease development in people based on ongoing scientific studies.

  1. A root canal surgery necessitates many visits to the dental facility.

People frequently believe that a tooth extraction is preferable since it is a speedier choice. Sadly, if you choose extraction, you will also require an implant, making the extraction treatment lengthier and more expensive than the root canal operation. Depending on the health of the tooth, a root canal may need one to three dental appointments.


  1. Is root canal treatment permanent?

Infection may return in some situations, necessitating another root canal, but in the vast majority of cases, the procedure will permanently eliminate the problem.

  1. Do teeth become more sensitive after root canal procedures?

This may be applicable to certain individuals in the hours and days following the treatment, but once your mouth has recovered, the tooth will no longer be as sensitive as it was before.

  1.  What should you avoid when getting a root canal?

The type of food you must ignore are:

  • Very hot and cold meals and beverages might irritate sensitive teeth.
  •  sticky foods like Caramels, and other candies
  • hard food such as nuts
  • crunchy foods like tortilla chips


We hope that now that we have dispelled some of the myths surrounding root canal treatment, we have also eliminated some of the dread. If you have been informed that you should undergo a root canal or would like further information, Mumbai dental clinic is the perfect location for you to get the best guideline regarding your root canal treatment. We would be happy to treat you,  book your appointment today.